Outdoors Activities

Many Outdoors Activities That You Will Love

There are actually a lot of lock downs going on in a lot of countries, especially countries like the United Kingdom, but even though the lock downs are stopping us from meeting our friends and family, it doesn’t mean we have to shut ourselves inside. We have to follow social distancing parameters and get out and get some exercise. We should pursue some outdoor activities, and it is an amazing way to get a chance of scenery. Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic, not all of the outdoor activities are given the green light. There are some other activities that are not safe at all, because it would involve the presence of other people. All the activities that would require you to engage with strangers is not allowed, because it is very easy for the virus to transmit that way.


There are a lot of safe outdoor activities that you can pursue in this pandemic. I highly suggest you follow the rules and regulations that have been laid out by your government. The outdoor activities that do not exactly qualify are basketball, soccer, barbecues with your friends, swimming and more. Contact sports are not to be pursued. It does not mean that you will have to stay indoors. You can still do a lot of things outside.
I highly suggest you take a walk in nature. You will definitely need a change of scenery, staying inside all the time. Taking a walk in a green area will give you the fresh oxygen that your body needs and you will also be able to clear your mind. An hour, once in two days, is perfect.


You could also go camping, in a National Park which is open. With a lot of campgrounds closed, traditional camping is not exactly possible, but that does not stop you from actually camping in national parks. National parks are normally forests, dense forests when you will have to be very careful. I highly suggest finding a hill where there are no people.

I would also suggest you go out on a run every single day. Running will go on a lot of fat and calories. It will keep you in the physical state you need to be. Make sure that you are being courteous to the others were also outside. Wear a mask all the time.

How about you bust out your jump rope?


jump ropeJumping actually burns more calories than running, and I highly suggest you try it outdoors. You can do it out in your yard or even in your favourite playground, which is still open.
Another thing that a lot of people are doing in the pandemic is that they are going on tricks and hikes.